Your Guide To Buying A Push Lawn Mower

It can be said that looking for and purchasing a lawn mower is a normal task. However, make sure that the best push mower you buy is totally suitable your particular demands. The best thing is that you should consider the size of your garden, the number of trees or other barriers to mow around, whether your lawn is flat or hilly or your needs when moving. Of course, you are able to find out various push lawn mowers on the market to satisfy your lawn mowing requests. Keep in mind that a mower that is ideal for your neighbor might not be the correct one for you. Which mowers will be suitable for you? Let’s check!

  • Push mowers seem to be perfect for flat gardens under ¼ acres. The cutting deck often ranges from 20-22 inches that is a perfect size to make your yard beautiful in a quick time and efficient way. In case that you have a good physical condition, it will be a wonderful way for you to save lots of things. 

  • Self-propelled mowers are suitable for gardens up to 3/2 acre. This kind of mower will push itself to diminish tiredness that might come with a push mower. You just walk behind this mower to adjust its road. It will offer both front and rear wheel to fix your garden. Here are two main kinds in this mower, including: 

  • Front drive mowers are unusually easy to mow and turn. Rotate front wheels make this probable by permitting easy 180-degree turns. These are superior for smaller gardens with many barriers. 

  • Rear drive mowers have better physical resistance on hills and better directing control but might make it a little difficult to make sharp turns. They will be appropriate for open gardens with steep hills. 
Pay attention to some safety tips 

According to a report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are more 60,000 damages due to dangerous operation of lawn mowers every year. Amongst, children under the age of 15 are the most common victims. So, no matter what mowers you select, please notice of the safety. Here are some guidelines that can help you be safe when availing your equipment. 

  • You need to wear protective eyewear. 
  • Please check your garden for any object or rubbish that can create damage when mowing over them. 
  • The best time to mow is daylight and when the grass is dry. 
  • Never control mower height, clean grass chute, take away catcher and repair the mower while the engine is running. 
  • Do not let your children and pets in your garden when you are mowing. 
  • Take a keen eye when mowing inclines and hills. 
  • Do not start the mower when letting the starter rope snap back. 
  • Please always keep all four wheels on the ground and do not tilt the lawn mower.  
  • Do not pull the mower towards you.
  • Do not de-active safety devices. 
  • Remember to turn off the mower when crossing driveway or sidewalk. 
  • Please maintain a hot and clear engine. 
  • Do not forget to read the manual thoroughly before operating the mower. 
  • If you kids are under 12, do not let them use the mower.